Yay, Done

My training presentation is out of the way, as of yesterday. As with any first presentation I do, it wasn’t nearly as polished as I would have liked, and I forgot some of the little details I’d practiced. It surely could have been worse. 🙂 I was more nervous than I expected to be, but mostly because it wasn’t just a training presentation – it was a training presentation with a job possibility attached to it. I could hear a quaver in my voice, for sure.

At any rate, it’s over and done with, we’ll find out whom they select by Monday, and that will be that. I still would like the job very much, but a good chunk of the competition were really strong. I still rank my right around chances 50/50 – I hope I’m not overestimating myself! If it doesn’t happen, I continue along happily in my current role, look over the feedback I get from the attendees and make notes for next time, should there be one.

But now, I get my free time back! Not that I was spending every possible second on my presentation, but I wasn’t doing anything creative, either – I was feeling the pressure too much. With my neck totally torqued since last Sunday, I haven’t been able to clean my house, either, but it’s at a point now where I think I’ll manage. Lots to do today, including heading up to the farm again to turn in our paperwork and payment – we got home too late Thursday to hook up with the weekly group delivery.

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  1. Congrats! At least they’re deciding quickly!

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