Not Among My Finest Traits

Lest any of you be fooled into thinking I’ve got a fair to middling handle on, well, anything, I present to you three areas of my life that are pretty appalling:

My Car.

I drive a Subaru Forester which I bought used a couple of years ago. It was well-used when I got it, and (being a dog-hauling car) I never intended for it to be A Showpiece. It does not get washed, it barely gets the oil changed when needed. It’s a utility vehicle in every way. Currently, part of the air dam in the front is dangling down quite badly, and whenever I make right turns, it sounds like I am dragging a small building along in the undercarriage.

Given I don’t generally have any passengers but the dogs (we take Mike’s car to work,) the back seat area (when not folded down for the girls to lounge upon,) is largely used for Storage. Storage of recyclables, trash, whatever I don’t immediately need. I’ve had this item on my calendar for a week now – Clean Out Car. I’ve been shuffling it, though, cheating, because it’s been too cold, too late, too Tuesday, whatever. Here’s why:

About 90% of that went into the recycling bins, 5% into the house and another 5% into the trash. It only took about 15 minutes, too, because I refuse to vacuum my car out in the dead of winter.

Apart from its overall level of dirtiness, I love my car at this time of year. It claws through snow two feet deep as if it’s not even there. Not that I’ve really needed that feature thus far this winter (sadly,) but it’s nice to have when it’s urgently required. It carries the dogs comfortably, it gets decent gas mileage and it doesn’t tend to break despite its level of abuse and neglect.

The Recycling Bins.

I’m fairly obsessive about recycling everything possible, from scraps of tinfoil to every slip of paper and boxboard. We live a good half-hour drive from the recycling center, which makes taking it in a complete pain in the ass. Thus, because Mike Neir and I are not known for being OMG SUPER MOTIVATED, it piles up. A lot.

The upside of recycling everything is we only fill up our trash bin every two to three weeks. Our contributions to the landfill are pretty small, thankfully. This is a few months of recycling (minus the stuff in the kitchen pile, which is our third item.) A quick examination of this pile reveals our keen interest in Reduced Fat Wheat Thins and our fondness of beverages: Blueberry Pomegranite juice, milk, beer, you name it.

Also featured here is the fabulous bat house Mike’s folks got for us. We’re still figuring out where to put it. 🙂

Finally, and on a related note:

The Kitchen Recycling Zone.

Because twenty feet is apparently too far to walk to place things in the garage, right? So we have an area of the kitchen also devoted to recycling. Mostly, it’s the outside bins being overflowing keeping me from adding much to them, but here’s the corner of the kitchen:

Now granted, with all the Christmas boxes and paper and cooking, it’s a bit fuller than it might ordinarily be, but we seriously need to make a run to the recycling center before we have to start hacking our way through with a machete.

I would love to have a large, divided recycling cabinet in this corner – if we’re going to use the space for easy recycling, which we probably will continue to do, it may as well be out of sight and tidy looking. When we bought the house, the previous owners had a little pantry cabinet here that looked nice. Something like that would probably work quite well.

So there’s my little end-of-year confessional. I’m a total recycling slob!

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  1. Sandi

    We used to recycle a lot, and had small trash cans in the kitchen glass, plastic, etc. THEN we had a toddler that wouldn’t stay out of the trash or recycling, and the cans got moved to the garage – which is too far when you’re trying to keep an eye on the kid. THEN the city stopped curbside recycling. Now the kid is 14 (and his brother is 11), so perfectly able to stay out of the trash – and even take it out for us! We still haven’t started recycling again, much to the chagrin of several science teachers along the way that have highly encouraged it. Maybe this year?

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