Post-Christmas Show & Tell

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Image-heavy post ahead!

When we arrived home tonight, I checked the mailbox to see if my much-anticipated shampoo bar had arrived in the mail. Alas, it had not. But! The fabulous corduroy pants bag I won from Laundry On The Line did – yay!! She mailed it right on time, it just takes awhile for things to wend their ways from Canada to the US. Look how neat:

I love how I have a piece of something she loved, which she took the time to repurpose into a butt-cheek purse!

And what is that little nugget of adorableness resting upon? Why, those would be Leanika Pink Fat Quarters from Stacey. They’re absolutely darling and I’m having fun thinking about what to make of them. They’ve got this wonderful feel to them, like high-quality, vintage sheets. Soft, comfortable, sturdy, but broken-in. Love.

I made Stacey two bags for her gifts (three including the gift bag 😀 ) – one small cosmetic-sized bag and one purse-sized bag. The small bag wasn’t a hugely complicated design, but required drafting a pattern (which required Mike Neir’s assistance) and several failed efforts.

The bag also required installing a zipper. I have a zipper foot. No clue how to use it. I sort of randomly flung the foot and zipper into physical proximity to each other, stomped on the throttle and off we went. The end result wasn’t too bad – I went a little close, so the zipper sticks at times, but I think Stacey will forgive me. She loves blue and brown, and this print I found at Joann’s months ago called her name when I saw it:

We also have a lining. Zipper plus lining = hard for my puddin’ head to follow the tutorial (which is over here.)

The main bag was actually fun to make, once I got everything cut out properly. I swear, measuring and cutting takes me damn near as long as sewing.

Stacey picked out the feature fabric quite awhile ago, and I’d originally intended to make her something like a reusable grocery bag out of it. Still, as the holidays approached, that seemed like a cop-out, so I went for a more general, all-purpose, carry-all/purse-type bag. I scoured the internets for something I could a.) actually do, and b.) that was neither too big nor too small to be useful. I found Bluebirdbaby’s Everyday Bag tutorial – score! Wanting to really show off the fabric Stacey picked out, I made the center panel an inch wider than called for.

The tutorial was, by and large, written very clearly and had very helpful photos to guide me through the process. I had the bag done in one full day, but the button took a bit longer to come by. I finally found the one I wanted at the antique shop in town – yay!

Sumi and Mike helped watch:

I added two internal pockets and tried to make them of a useful size, but they turned out a bit smaller than I would have liked. When I make this bag for myself, I’ll know to make them much bigger – poor Stacey, being my guinea pig.

And here’s the finished product:

There is a center panel on the back side, too:

I really love the fabric she chose and am tempted to make an identical one for myself – copycat!

I don’t think the bag could have possibly lived up to this level of expectation:

Is she not cute as a button?

I made sort-of matching appliqued kitchen towels for all the girls – Stacey, Mike’s mom Sharon, and both Grammas. They started out like this:

Way too ambitious with the cutting of squares – I have approximately a metric octobazillion left.

I used the Teflon hexagon templates that are so peculiar, but actually worked quite well after I figured out a workable method. The method? Iron the living hell out of them before you take the template out. Full bore, full steam ahead, so you end up with smooth edges like the top one – not ratty edges like the bottom one.

Pin well before machine sewing.

And finally, overexpose:

Or underexpose. Your preference.

Stacey’s brown and blue:

Mike’s dad Phil a hand-held router holder from me – I couldn’t think of anything I could make that he might enjoy.

I got Stacey’s husband Jay a Klean Kanteen – sooo extravagant, right?

There are more posts brewing in my head – chickens, deodorant & soap, gardening, books… oh my. Next year is going to be busy doing. This winter is going to be busy planning.

More soon. 🙂


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  1. Cool to see all the goodies you made! Looks like a great bag!

  2. jen

    Way to go girl! You were a busy gal this holiday season. Your bags turned out great- love all the fabric choices!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you like the corduroy bag! You made some pretty nice bags yourself. I love the Everything Bag tutorial, too!

  4. Erin

    Thanks, guys! Andi, the bag is fantastic – just the right size for running errands, when I don’t want to cart around my wamdigious OMFG carry-it-all purse. Thanks again!

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