Happy Winter Solstice, All

Today is the shortest day and longest night of 2009, and we have a blue moon coming up on the 31st. In years past, I was much more in tune with the cycles of the moon and the seasons, and would always go out on solstices to spend even just a few short moments in communion with the earth. In the last five or so years, though, several solstices have come and gone without my having realized until they had passed. “Natural” holidays mean more to me than man-made ones… days signifying seasonal shifts, that have a c0nnection to the earth and the heavens and the forces binding them all togther – these are important.

Tonight, I’m lighting a candle and working on presents. I will finally figure out how to bind off the knitted dishrag I’ve done and redone three or four times now, trying to figure out how to regulate stitch tightness (not having a hugely functional left hand makes things difficult.) I will be mindful of the slow return of the sun.

Winter was late in arriving here in Michigan – we only just started having snow that stuck around in the last week or two. It’s been sort of a seasonal limbo; the trees were bare, the countryside bereft of green, but there was also no comforting blanket of white. If there’s no color, I want snow!

For me, this is the start of the true new year, the natural new year. To all you pagans out there – Happy Solstice!!

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  1. Have you thought about trying crochet? In that you left hand would merely stabilize the bulk of your work.

  2. Erin

    Howdy – I haven’t tried crochet yet, but I can surely see it in my future! Once I get knitting down a bit better, it’s something I plan to look into. Thanks! 🙂

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