Snow Envy

Those of you who have received a foot or more of snow recently may be cursing it straight to hell, but I’m so jealous. I love inclement weather of all varieties, giant blizzards, especially. There’s a stronger sense of community when these things happen… people helping dig each other’s driveways out, pushing stuck cars down the road, talking about the power outages, whatever – it brings us together. We don’t gather in caves for protection anymore, but I think we do still like to band together when times are a little rougher. Even I, the quintessential hermit, enjoy these brief community-oriented times.

My car shines in the snow, clawing through it as if it weren’t even there. I love that about the Forester… it does two things well: Hauls dogs and plows through snow. It’s not flashy or sexy, but damn it’s practical.

We do have a few inches down now, which makes everything look so much prettier – but I’m Totally Ready for a foot or more. Bring it, clouds! Let’s go!

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