This “do one or two chores per day and have a list of items to do each day” thing is flippin brilliant. When I walk by huge clumps of dog hair in the hallway, I don’t have to think, “man, I really should take care of that” and within the span of the same thought realize “I’m so not going to right now” and feel guilt and stress about it. Then the subsequent chain of thoughts about how lousy I am at keeping a tidy house, and how lazy I am, none of which helps my flagging self-esteem any.

Nope, that series of events needn’t happen. I know that sweeping the floors will be taken care of later in the week. I vacuumed the downstairs carpets, I unpacked and sorted one box in the basement, and that’s enough for today. I’m done. Sweeping later, and I know it will get done, because I’m sticking to this schedule.

It feels great.

Similarly, I’ve taken a salt bath three nights in a row, and I’ve been using the natural deodorant for three days, and while I can’t say that the improved sense of well-being isn’t psychosomatic, I don’t care if it’s psychosomatic, supernatural or completely real – I feel better. Perhaps it’s the euphoria of being on a new path, one I know will bring good things, or the relief of having a cleaning routine. I suspect it’s all of the above, and I love it.

When I start cutting down even further on refined foods and sugars, I bet things will only get better.

Next on the agenda – ceasing to think about work when I walk out the door. That one’s going to be tough.


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