Day Off Anticipation

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It’s a damn good thing I have the next two days off – I have so much to do before Christmas and such dwindling time to get things done. I have all these visions of little handmade gifties dancing in my head, but realistically… a lot of them aren’t going to get done. Sadness.

How did this time go stampeding past? I’m sure it’s not just me, but I have this completely bizarre relationship with time. Every single night, without fail, I look at my watch and see that it’s somewhere between 8 and 8:30pm. “Oh, it’s early. Plenty of time for x, y and z.” Invariably, the next hour and a half flies by, it’s after 10pm and I’m scrambling to get to bed and asleep. “Scramble” and “asleep,” by the way, are not compatible.

Likewise, in October, “all the time in the world before Christmas.” Then November went by faster than I could even focus on it, and here we are less than two weeks before Christmas. Holy. Shit.

(Cue up festive music, “Siiiilent night, hoooooly shiiiiiit…”)

Next Christmas, NEXT CHRISTMAS, I tell you, there will be more crafty goodness. Ahead of time.

Mark my words.

No, seriously, do – and then fricking hold me to them, because holy cow, I’m going to need help. I am the Mistress of Infinite Procrastination.

I also need to catch up on my Google Reader.  The best and worst thing about Giveaway Day was being exposed to 87 hectobazillion awesome blogs and trying to keep current on them. This is at least two orders of magnitude above possible on a normal day. At some point, I’ll have to share what I’ve got in my Reader setup, because people – no one should miss out on some of this stuff! It gives me hope for humanity, even in the face of factory farming, world hunger and MySpace.

Free Kefir Recipe eBook from Cultures for Health

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