Giveaway week is winding down…

I’m only up to the H’s on the third and final list, and my Google Reader overfloweth with about 1600 unread entries from all the wonderful people I’ve been adding to it.

I’m excited to spend more time reading over everyone’s comments, and then pick the winner tomorrow!

What’s especially heartening as I reading new blogs, is finding out how many others are every bit as concerned with conservation and reduce/reuse/repurpose/recycle as I am. Yay, crafters!

This post actually brought tears to my eyes, I was so humbled by the caretakers’ dedication (as I always am when I think of them,) and also by Green Bag Lady’s generosity and kindness.

Plumbing the depths of folks’ creativity is truly astonishing… I envy these peoples’ abilities to come up with creative new projects, almost as if it were nothing. Truly amazing.

[EDIT: I’m done! I’ve read over all the blogs in the giveaway lists – wowsers, snazzy stuff, interesting people, and my Google Reader is going to keep my plenty busy from this point forward. Thanks everyone for being awesome.]

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