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Holy freaking creativity! Prior to today, I had barely scratched a picometer on the surface of craft-oriented blogs. I sit here before you, barely halfway through the SMS Giveaway day master lists, a completely amazed and humbled person.

There are people out there doing the coolest things ever. Men and women going about their crafts, in whatever fashion they can, making creative, unusual, one-of-a-kind items the likes of which I would never, even come up with. Ever. Why do people shop at WalMart when there’s all this amazing stuff?! Who needs a plastic, petrochemical-laden toy when there are wool teething rings? I’m heartened by the number of people out there endeavoring to live simpler lives, going back to natural substances in every possible aspect. This, people… this gives me hope.

I’m looking at each and every single link on the giveaway lists, entering here and there, but always reading over at least the first several entries in each blog. I’ve added easily three or four dozen sites to my Google Reader, which is currently reporting I have 947 unread posts to sift through. Some of those, needless to say, will go unread, but I can’t wait to at least skim them all.

Here are some absolute treasures I’ve found today (or earlier than today, but still warrant mention.) There are a zillion more out there – the giveaway site has full listings, and I encourage everyone to go, go, go! Go see what clever things your fellow humans are up to!

I wish I had the time to link every single brilliant, gorgeous, creative, fantabulous thing I saw today. Take my word for it – exploring these sites will yield goodness.

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  1. Thanks for looking at my blog! I had intentions of looking at everyone’s, but there are just SO many!

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