Blargh, but also, yay

Blargh – So I haven’t gotten much sleep the last several nights, and as such, I have once again forgotten to pick up the giveaway stuff to put into the mail today. I’m so sorry, I’ll put it someplace I absolutely can’t miss it for tomorrow!

The “yay” part is the reason I was up late – I’ve finished the hand-quilting on Mom’s quilt!! \o/ Tonight, I’ll see about the binding, which will probably take a few days, and then I need to figure out what I’m going to tie the centers of the panels with (buttons or tie-ties,) then I’ll wash it (gently) and be done. It will be nice to work on something else again.

I’ll take plenty of photos before I give it away, because (chances are,) I’ll never see it again.

Do you have a favorite yarn/embroidery thread you tie quilts with? I’m not sure a simple cotton yarn won’t just fray itself to death, but I’m also not certain embroidery floss will stand out enough. Buttons are a very good idea (Barbara’s,) but will require more shopping and more money. Hm.

When I started panel 1 on this puppy, it was taking me between three and four hours per panel. Now, I can whip one out in just over an hour, hour and a half. Woot!

Next up, assorted other Christmas gifts for family and friends!

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3 responses to Blargh, but also, yay

  1. Elle Clark

    Very impressed! It must feel like such an accomplishment to get this done! It’s too bad we cannot fix our relationships like we can our projects! If we could problems with mothers could be a missed stitch or french knot that was accomplished with practice!

    As far as the string is concerned, I did a small amount of hand quilting many moons ago. I did use cotton yarn. But this was not a full sized quilt either. I know there are some finer gauge yarns, I use one from Jo Anns that is bamboo/silk. It lives in the back row of the yarns by the embrodery floss. It runs about $5-$6 a ball. I usually get it with one of the 40% off coupons! Not sure if it will do the trick but it’s a suggestion. Hope it all works out!

  2. Great Job, You must feel so good.
    I personally like the look of buttons tying a quilt but they are not nice to lay on. Buttons don’t have to cost too much… maybe your thrift store has a jar of odd ones. Of course Etsy would be a great place to look. Heck, I will send you some. I have tons.If your return address is on the giveaway package you are sending (yipee!)I will send some buttons.

  3. Erin

    Elle – It does feel pretty stinking good, and thanks for the advice. 🙂

    Jennifer – I hadn’t thought about the unpleasant-to-lie on factor, good point! Thanks very much for the offer to send some along, but I think you’re probably right. Still, if you’re looking to offload some… 😀 Package into the mail tomorrow!

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