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This seems to be the day for posting our Christmas wish lists! With Cyber Monday sales happening, perhaps good timing. :-)It’s really fun to see what’s on everyone’s lists.

Mike’s Dad sent out a spreadsheet with his gift wishes on it, and it seems pretty handy to let folks know what we want. Thus, here’s mine. It’s also to have a “want this” repository for myself, so there’s stuff here I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy me. Of course, I don’t need any of these things at all. But it’s fun to think about new toys and Stuff!

* Rotary cutter blade 5-pack

* One-Yard Wonders

* Kitchen composter

* Classic Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East and Northern Africa

* Weekend Sewing

* What the Bleep do we know?

* The Self-Sufficient Life & How to Live It

* Kindle

* Amazon gift certificate

* Pink Chalk gift certificate

* Kona Charcoal Yardage (any amount, none too big or small!)

* Kona Espresso Yardage (any amount)

* Kona Eggshell Yardage (any amount)

* Grandmother’s Flower Garden Fat Quarter Pack

* Leanika Pink ~ 14 Fat Quarter Pack

* Mill House Inn Currant Jam Yardage (any amount)

* “30Rock” Seasons 1-3

* Ava Dots Celery Yardage (any amount)

* Hushabye Sage Fat Quarter Pack

* Dragon’s Age for PC

* Mason Bee House

* Patchwork Style – 35 Simple Projects

* Any charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes or other fabric from fabulous Moda

* KitchenAid Pro mixer

* Immersion Blender (not picky about what brand)

* Any Gogol Bordello CD

* The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life

* All-natural soaps from this Etsy store or elsewhere

* Reusable baggies

* Canon 7D (Yowza! This would be for Mike and me to buy together, someday.)

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