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Gardener's Supply Company - Deal of the Week

Yesterday, my small parcel of 4 yards of Anna Maria Horner’s new Folksy Flannels arrived. I was tres excited to rip open the Priority Mail envelope, to lay my fingers upon the lushness, to bask in its glow, to… waitaminute. This stuff feels just like normal flannel.

Now granted, it’s got adorable prints, and it’s quite nice… but to my inexperienced fingers, the hand isn’t noticeably more soft and awesome than, say, some of the flannels one might find at JoAnn. Hm. Vexing.

I thought perhaps washing might do the trick, transform it into amazingly soft, supple luciousness… but alas and alack… no. It’s perhaps a bit of a tighter weave than the flannels I’ve seen thus far (which, admittedly, is not a great, vast number.)

Don’t get me wrong; it’s nice. Quite nice. It’s just not to die for, as all the hype had led me to believe it would be. “Buttery-soft,” “whisper-soft,” the hype said. Meh; not so much.

Still, There will likely be loungey pants made from it, perhaps a pillowcase. I don’t feel confident enough to try to manage a top yet, after all the trouble I’m having with the damned apron.

These are the flannel patterns I nabbed, before they sold out:

Flannel 1

Flannel 1

Flannel 2

Flannel 2

Flannel 3

Flannel 3

Sadly, they had already sold out of the one I most wanted, the one that really yelled “JAMMIE PANTS!!!!”



In terms of project progress last week, I made a small flax-seed-filled therapy bag scented with myrrh for my dad’s birthday, and I only have about 6 panels left to hand-quilt on Mom’s quilt. I’ve decided I am totally machine binding that puppy on the front, since the stitches wouldn’t be readily visible, and will probably then hand-stitch the back. But Rochelle, I promise, I promise, I will watch that tutorial first. Really!

Hoop-quilting at the edges of the quilt is distinctly Unfun… I can’t get it as taut as I want without covering up bits I need to sew through. And I think I’ll be picking up a smaller hoop to work with, as most of my future blocks won’t be this large (a solid half fat quarter.)

There are going to be some pretty gnarly puckers on the back, perhaps some of them will shrink out a bit after I wash it… but I’m unconcerned at this point. Mom will either use it, or she won’t. If she does, she probably won’t be overly-concerned about its imperfections. If she stuffs it in the attic or gives it away, someone else with either use it or not. It’s certainly not a display piece – it’s functional.

I am looking forward to having it done with, though, so I can move on, guilt-free, to other projects I’d like to get done for Christmas presents. Most of them will not take as much time, thankfully.

Also, I’ve just seen this really lovely fabric site: Lauren + Jessi Jung. Their designs are incredibly organic; each pattern is taken from nature. I’m not wild about the color palette on the whole, but some of the individual colors are quite beautiful.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. 🙂


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