This amazing photo stopped me dead in my surfing tracks for a good, solid twenty minutes. Then I went and sent a few thank-you notes out to some of the customers I’ve grown closest to, and went back and stared at it for another five minutes.

This single, gorgeous photo, does a pretty fantastic job of encapsulating the enormity of parenting in one image.



This photo deserves the time it takes to click on it and view it in full-size. The detail, depth of field and exposure are wonderful, from the tiny little hairs on her forehead to the remains of her spit-up on her chin to the texture of her shirt. As a composition, beautiful.

The artistry of the photo aside, it’s so crystal clear this is a tiny, thinking, feeling, perceiving little person. There’s a being in there. She’s not an unthinking, blindly-fumbling-as-she-goes animate object… she’s learning things, she has opinions – even if she doesn’t have words for them.

That’s the terror (and the allure) of parenting… the weight of forming this little person’s entire world… the level of responsibility is absolutely staggering.

The photo is by Heather over at, where you can find other photography and … well, odd little tidbits.

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