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Book stores are fun, fun places for me to be. It’s calming, relaxing, soothing, to be surrounded by so many words. There’s so much possibility in bookstores – so many stories! And here I’ve been, utterly distracted by the stupid internet and video games for the last, what… twenty years? Man. Shame on me.

I went into Schulers Books today to pick up a copy of the Laini Taylor book, Dreamdark Blackbringer. As if one couldn’t tell from the title alone, it’s a fantasy novel. I’ve enjoyed plenty of fantasy books, especially when I was younger, and even though I am somewhat averse to most books about faeries (with only a very few exceptions,) I’m giving it a shot because I like this girl’s style. A lot.

The Schulers website said the Okemos store had two in stock – yay! I searched high and low in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section, to no avail. Wandering up to the information counter, I asked the bespectacled young man if it were, indeed, present.

“Oh yes – that’s in our Young Adult section.”

“Oh. OH. Um, seriously?”

“Yep, it’s just over here.”

He escorted me a few aisles away, and handed the book to me, pointing out its new sequel. On the cover was a dagger-wielding faerie riding a raven. There was absolutely no judgment in this boy’s face, thankfully, because I might have expired on the spot.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I think people who love faerie stuff are somehow beneath contempt; it’s just not who I am, personally. I would be equally mortified if I’d gone to buy a book about motorcycles and it was covered in flames and skulls – that’s not me, either. In fact, I’m a little envious of the people who, in our cruel, harsh world, can maintain the ability to believe in fairies and see magic under every piece of bark. That can’t be easy in this day and age.

It looks like a quick read, but I can already feel myself reluctant to spend the time not “doing something productive.” There was a time I felt better reading than doing just about anything – who am I! A perfect solution might be audio books, and I bet there’s an app for that for the Droid. Hmm. Quilting and being told stories – that would do! Although I don’t think I’d want the Android Voice reading to me… time to do a bit of investigating. I’ve been enviously eying Kindles lately, but hadn’t looked into its audio books options, either. Still, they’re pretty darned snazzy.

Alrighty, it’s 3pm and there’s stuff to be done.

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3 responses to Book Stores

  1. I feel just like you when it comes to bookstores. As great as the deals on Amazon are…the pain of nearly losing my towns only bookstore made my dollar mean so much more. I go out of my way now to spend a little bit as often as possible in my favorite store.
    I adore Laini Taylor’s Blog and her 1st book was a fun dip into fantasyland.I loved the spunky creatures in her story. I am one to buy into the whole fairy thing, though. I happen to love the movie “Ferngully”…yeah I know.

  2. Sandi

    Audiobooks are the way to go! There are lots of options available to download from the web. Some public libraries have subscriptions to NetLibrary, there are books available by podcast, you can probably download from CD to your Droid. I love to listen to books while I quilt. It also makes household chores a little more bearable!

  3. Erin

    Jennifer – I haven’t heard of Ferngully… does this make me a bad person? I’m halfway through the Blackbringer book – I think it would be great for its intended audience, but it’s not sucking me in immensely. It’s a good story, just a little young. Good on you for supporting your local books store!

    Sandi – thanks for the tip about NetLibrary. 🙂

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