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When Mike’s alarm went off at 7am, well before the sun was up, my brain woke up. And wouldn’t go back to sleep! Nooooooo! I’d planned to sleep in a bit today, but I reckon not. Ok, fine – all the better to get The Plans underway, then.

I want to find an apron pattern today, and I’ve had Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight” lodged in my brain for a few days, so I downloaded her greatest hits album from iTunes, and I have that playing whilst surfing retro apron patterns. This is a fantastic start to the day!

My memories of this song are probably atypical.

I never really heard Patsy when I was growing up, except on the commercials for the classic country hits albums from K-Tel and the like. However, when I lived in Chehalis, Washington, and spent nearly every night at The Olympic Club shooing snooker, we had The Best Jukebox Ever. I loved loading that thing up with Gorillaz, Metallica, Killers… and Patsy Cline. I miss that place so much… it was an old saloon from the early 1900’s, where train robbers and sheriffs would hang out. Antique woodwork everywhere, full-sized pool tables, a real snooker table, a hotel, a movie theatre, a delicious restaurant and bar, all under one roof. It sounds very strip-mally, but it’s just the opposite – a warm, cozy, delightfully olde tyme hangout the locals treasure.

After I got Patsy secure on my computer, I looked at the recent music I’d purchased: Lacuna Coil, Korn, Flogging Molly, Meshuggah, Opeth… and Patsy. 😀

I was just dancing around the office to “Back in Baby’s Arms” while I gathered stuff up, enjoying the great start to the day despite the miserable rainy weather outside, and stepped directly into a giant pile of dog vomit.


Touche, Day – we’re going to have to get back to a better start here.

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