The New Phone Book's Here!

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Wait… am I the only one who remembers that scene from “The Jerk?”

If so, you all think I’m genuinely excited about phone books, but that’s actually not the case. 😀

Tonight, my weekend begins, and I have such plans. I tried to have such plans last weekend, but a migraine interdicted.


I really should wait until Sunday to show off my new (and relatively new) acquisitions, but I am physically unable to restrain myself. Seriously. The new phone book’s here, the new phone book’s here!

Beneath the fabric porn, there are Actual Plans.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a bunch of absolutely adorable baby blanket patterns at JoAnn – they are too cute for words. For reasons escaping me currently, I forgot to photograph them. They’ll make a darling little girl quilt whenever I get around to it. Not knowing any baby girls personally, I feel there is no rush on this project. The bottom two fabrics are both flannels.



Incidentally, as an unrelated aside,  I hate it that Flickr has decided to disallow “copy image location” from the right-click/context menus on photo pages. Copying to a medium-sized image requires clicking on the image page, then on “all sizes” then on “medium.” Screw that, I’ve got better things to do – so, some small photos ensue.

More Moda! Evening Mist … I love the name, I love the colors.

Evening Mist

Evening Mist

Sultry, Aster Manor and Authentic all arrived, as well, and they’re wonderful, too. But not as wonderful. Evening Mist screams “YARDAGE!”

I now have a small tower of charms for our bed quilt:

Future Bedding

Future Bedding

There are at least two charm packs not present in this photo, as well. That’s a lot of damn charms.

My devil bunnies modest yardage arrived for the Hushabye back – can’t wait to figure out what I’m going to do with this! Most of the Hushabye patterns I’ve really liked involve layer cakes and fat quarters, but I’m sure I can manage something here. Again, no rush – no babies nearby. I might be inclined to do something about that, if I could skip from ages 10 to about 30, but (at least as I understand things) that’s not technically possible. If I could be guaranteed a boy, I might be willing to go the whole nine yards. PS – I believe my uterus just shrieked and cringed.

Devil Bunnies & Friends

Devil Bunnies & Friends

But here’s the absolute best part!

I have discovered Alexander Henry. Alexander Henry, and their fabulous, amazing Pin-Up Girls series. Oh, be still my beating heart.

Futuristic Vixen

Futuristic Vixen

How awesome is that?! This is going into an apron, once I find an appropriately retro pattern. I can’t wait. I had no idea I had such a fetish for aprons, but I’ve been browsing for patterns for days now.

Oh hi

Oh hi - Sorry about the wrinkle on my face.

Along with the just ridiculously fantastic that one, there is an almost equally ridiculously fabulous this one:

Saddle Up!

Saddle Up!

I love these two girls, particularly:

Hello, we are cowgirls

Hello, we are cowgirls - not models. Cowgirls totally dress like us all the time.

The one on the left is so Marilyn Monroe, and the one on the right is all, “Howdy! Whatever….”

But I kind of hate this one, and would like to cut her out of the picture entirely:

My feet are extremely odd.

My feet are extremely odd.

I dislike everything about her, from her crazy smile to her weird arms to her three centimeter waist to her bizarrely-shaped legs and feet. Lady, you gotta go, but you’re right smack-dab in the middle. Hm.

To go along with these beauties are fabrics I picked up at Joann’s for either pockets, bias tape, or panels:

Kerchief prints

Kerchief prints

In the future, dots are oblong

In the future, dots are oblong

In the future, dots are pink

In the future, dots are pink

They have a lot of 30’s and 40’s repro prints at Joann’s right now, and I loved this one:



Whilst waiting in line for the cutting counter attendant’s attention, I browsed (I know better, can’t help myself) and picked up a “Rule Your Rulers” hook. It’s a great idea with a poor implementation:

Rule Your Rulers

Rule Your Rulers

The hook at the top should swivel, not be attached on perpendicular to the hoop in a fixed fashion. This causes the rulers to twist the whole apparatus. Still, it’s handy.

The Plans:

Clean up this mess:

Wow, where did all the room go?

Wow, where did all the room go?

Contrary to all appearances, that is not a deceased dog in the middle of my sewing room. Sumi is simply practicing taking up every possible inch one lone canid can occupy. She knows I would rather break my own legs than accidentally step on her – and flailing wildly about doesn’t work well with eight square inches of floor space.

Curled-up canids notwithstanding, it’s literally getting hard to move about in here. The closet is nigh-inaccessible, as are the drawers in the little thing under the television. The ironing board has nearly dumped a scorching-hot iron onto the carpet innumerable times as I bump into it. Something’s got to change. So change it shall.

Also on my plate – basting Mom’s quilt. The fabric draped over the ironing board is the flannel I picked up for the backing. I have the batting, but it may be just a touch too short on one side, and this vexes me greatly. I don’t imagine it’s kosher to piece batting together, grr.

Speaking of that huge flannel backing, at some point, I’m going to have to ask Barbara to show me how to properly cut fabric. I… I am an idiot when it comes to math and making sense out of Things Requiring Numbers. Ok, I’m an idiot when it comes to plenty of stuff, but especially this. If the fabric is wider than my 36″ cutting mat is long (and it usually is,) I can’t fold it in half, cut it and have it come out right. It comes out all janky, which troubles me to no end.

Once I get All the Basting taken care of… I venture into the land of hand-quilting.

Thats right... off to the races. Well, really the opposite of the races...

That's right... off to the races. Well, really the opposite of "the races..."

I picked up a hand-quilting hoop. I’m going to try it sashiko-style first (hoop-free,) because it seems to me that’s how it should be done, really. But, failing that, I have this to fall back upon. The 18 x 27″ oblong shape made the most sense to me, as it would be hard to have a circle this large and still be able to comfortably reach the far side. It may be too big and unweildy, but it was only six bucks.

This is something I’m really looking forward to trying out. It may be frustrating at first, but I’ve been reading over some hand-quilting tutorials, and it sounds like exactly what I’ve been after, meditation-wise.  I should probably practice first, but time is growing short, Christmas-wise, and I’ve just used “-wise” twice in one paragraph, and perhaps it’s time to stop trying to write for the evening.

I don’t have the energy for any basting tonight, so I think I’ll start with The Organizing.


Maybe I’ll start with The Organizing and The Tequila. Maybe that’ll lead to an even more untenable situation, but we shall see.


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8 responses to The New Phone Book's Here!

  1. I piece batting all the time. Just butt the two pieces together and zig zag.

    Love your blog, enjoyed reading your quilting adventures… Liz

  2. Amy

    I like Evening Mist too. What are you going to make with it?

  3. Erin

    Liz – thanks for letting me know that’s Kosher! Yay! Thanks for the kind words, also. I’m looking forward to reading your blog, as well!

    Amy – I have no idea yet. I think it would be lovely in many different applications. Have you made anything with yours?

  4. Hi, I also piece my batting too! I save all of the larger little bits left over from trimming, square them up, butt the edges together and zig zag them into larger pieces. Works great!

  5. I have enjoyed reading this blog post so much! I’ve been giggling so much that my husband came over to see what was so good! 😉 I love the cowgirls (and the captions and descriptions), your lovely dog! and the Evening Mist, which I agree is totally yummy! 🙂

  6. I have one of those PVC floor quilting frames–I set it up on boxes and tilt it, no holding the quilt, no hunching over. But my hands don’t LIKE it when I hand quilt. Neat and easy to set up and take down, move the quilt over. I used to use it a lot. And I totally don’t understand the phone book thing–LOL!! Just one of MANY things I miss!

  7. Erin

    Julia – good to know! That makes the conservationist in me very happy.

    Dianne – glad to make you giggle! 🙂

    Lori – I’ve been looking at those and they seem pretty versatile. Does it require the quilt being basted, or no? The phone book thing is a reference to a Steve Martin movie, “The Jerk.” I highly recommend it. 😀

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