I had such high hopes for accomplishment this weekend, but I had a  migraine Thursday and Friday, and something close to one today. A whole three days squandered with feeling bitchy and hurting and not having the blinds in my office/sewing room open because the lights hurt.

Stupid sinuses and their stupid headaches!

Ok, I’m done being four years old now.

Earlier in the week, I discovered I don’t like the way Eva goes into half-square triangles, not at all. I’d rip them out, but oops – they’re sort of cut into triangles now, like it or not.

I did order a tote bag pattern from ParkCityGirl, but am just too achy and drained to think about making it. I’m looking at a giant stack of charms to make a quilt for our (big, giant, king-sized) bed, and get a little nauseated thinking about doing anything with them.

The weather is reflective of my mental state, or vice versa. It’s been shitty and drizzly and cold and miserable. “30 Rock” cheered me up for a half hour, but now all I’ve got is “Daily Show” reruns on the DVR and apparently I wasn’t done being 4 years old, after all, because I’m still whining.


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