A Plethora of Projects!

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My weekend begins tomorrow, and I’m stoked. I have so much I’m looking forwrd to doing! Here’s my list of current projects:

1.) Tetris Elemental quilt (top needs piecing, and all the rest)

2.) Hello Betty quilt ( top needs sashing, then the rest)

3.) Mellow Moda bed quilt (top needs more fabric, more cutting, and everything)

4.) Laptop sleeve (I have one piece cut and am embroidering it. Everything else needs doing.)

5.) Handmade gifts for three people thus far (although I’ve technically got more than a year to do this, I’m excited to get started)

6.) Adding a pocket or two to the green apple bag I use all the time

7.) Start thinking about Christmas gifts. I have several projects I’m gifting for sure, but I need to really buckle down to plan things out. I may even make something for my wretched mother, because I feel so sorry for her.

8.) Hairkerchief, because when I got my hair cut, the girl gave me bangs. Short bangs. Ridiculous, short bangs that fly into open space.They need to be tamed, and I don’t like hair spray. (“How would you like your bangs?” “Mid-to-lower eye, please.” So she cut them that way when they were combed out and wet… not realizing I have really curly hair. So they’re mid-to-lower eyebrow. Hate.)

9.) Cell phone and iPod Touch pouches

10.) Maybe, maybe, make a patchwork skirt, to see if I can pull off making something quasi-wearable.

11.) Quilts for kids quilt

12.) Seaside quilt (top pieced, everything else needs to be done)

Odds are, several of these things will get done… better odds are, most will get some attention, but not done.

On top of those are the perpetual UFO’s – the maroon log cabin blocks I originally started out with that just need squaring up; the green 4-patch that could probably use more blocks and also needs squaring; the icky 9-patch that needs to be not so ugly.

Anyone else feel like sharing their projects, so I don’t feel like I’m the only one?

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3 responses to A Plethora of Projects!

  1. Lisa

    UGH!! I have probably 20 UFO’s… but the two out on my table right now are the Dotty Stars out of all those polka dots (I have over 75 dots fabrics now! hehe LMAO!) and I’m making myself a harvest/fall/thanksgivingesque table runner thing that will actually be used on the top of a bookcase in our living room that has two harvesty candles and a ceramic pumpkin on it. I don’t know if I like what it’s looking like, but hey. It’ll be somewhat festive anyway.

    I was thinking about your handmade item gifting swap and thought I’d see about joining in with you. Afterall, I bet we are each other’s oldest friend we’re still in touch with! Who better to make something for? 😀 Is it ANYthing handmade? Or is it supposed to be a quilty handmade item?

  2. Erin

    It can be anything at all – no rules, baby. I’d love to swap with you, but be prepared for complete failure on my part. 😉 (“Uh, here… I made you this, uh, paper bag monster.”)

    I keep thinking I want to make tablerunners – I have no idea why. But some of them are so stinking cute.

    Also, every time I see dots now, I think of you!

  3. Lisa

    Ok sweet. I’ll make yours right along with my Christmas presents, so it won’t take a year.

    I kind of have a thing about placemats too. I like making and using them because they get a lot of attention.

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