Tetris Elemental

“It seems like a clown exploded into squares on your wall or you summoned a Tetris Elemental.”

Truer words have never been spoken than those by one of the support supervisors at work. He’s named my quilt for me. 🙂

I made some progress on the Random Front. I started picking up rectangles from the piles and simply sewing them together without (too much) thought. I didn’t put identical fabrics together at all, but I didn’t worry so much about colors and styles. I then pieced them into strips 13 rectangles long, again, not paying attention too much. I haven’t gotten terribly far, but I put the results up, lengthwise, on the wall:

Not So Random

Not So Random

What amused me is not only the occasional fabric that ends up next to itself, but that the endpieces are often the same one or two fabrics. So, tomorrow, I’m going to make sure I put together some light-colored end pieces to break that up a bit. And I’m still toying with the idea of the charcoal sashing, rather than straight-up, non-stop color.

For now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Quetzalcoatl; an Adult Beverage made with Absolut, Kahluha, milk and some homemade Aztec hot chocolate mix made by the lovely and talented Ani. I’m proud I actually got the mix into the beverage – I often find myself sneaking tiny spoonfuls of it dry – it is, omg, delish. If you’ve not tried spicy hot cocoa, I highly recommend it – lots of ginger, some cinnamon, a dash of cayenne. It’ll burn the flu right out of you if you make it strong enough!

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