Thinking 8 Projects Ahead…

I believe I’m going to rip down the 9-patch from the design wall – it has, for the time being, served its purpose of getting me past the hump of being terrified something will go horribly awry. The colors are just not appealing, and why waste more time and fabric on it until I really want to do it?

Once I get the borders on the neptune-colored top, I’m either going to cut into the coveted Anna Maria Horner pile or try my hand at… triangles. Barbara will be pleased if I can get over this particular fear. 😉 The pink charms might be just the thing for that project – I’m not wild about them, won’t be devastated if I completely dork them up, and they’ll probably work with the plain white cotton I should have left over from the borders.

I should be able to throw together a baby-sized quilt fairly quickly, once I get the hang of sewing on the bias. What I would do with such a thing, I have no idea. Stockpile it for the grand opening of my Etsy store which will, naturally, make me a zillion dollars and allow me to retire early.

I should be good enough to actually sew this stuff in approximately 13 years.

Maybe not such an early retirement, after all….

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