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Judy from Patchwork Times reports her overall stash usage weekly as a way to track how much fabric is coming in and being used.

Being new, I am still in the “stash-building” stage, and I have no earthly idea how much fabric I have at this point, or how much I’ve used to date. However, I’ve got a few months to figure it out and get started for next year!This fabric addiction thing… it’s powerful. It’s irrational. It’s compulsive. I’m not alone, either – it seems hundreds, if not thousands, of women are in its grip right along with me. Some are more easily able to afford it, others struggle as I do with guilt and lust. It’s like being on a runaway train, a train called “JUST ONE MORE CHARM PACK, I PROMISE.”

Stash-wise, I obtained far more this week than I’ve used. While I did finish up the blocks for the ugly 9-patch, I didn’t apply the sashing and borders to finish the top. I finished the Chocolate Mint quilt, but I also bought the materials for it, so that’s a wash. I made a nice top out of 3 charm packs, but I also bought those this week! Then there was the several yards that arrived unexpectedly in the mail, a remnant of The Ambien Shopping Episode, and I picked up a few Moda charm packs on eBay.

If I had to guess? I’d say +6 yards total, this week. Maybe 8. Used… probably 3.

The stash reports are an interesting idea. I should also probably start keeping track of how much money I’m spending, although that would probably just make both Mike Neir and me keel over and perhaps thwack me on the back of the head.

After payday, there may be Tula Pink Hushabye in my future, which only exacerbates the problem. 😉 I love the hidden bunnies and other critters!



The first set of bunnies on the left is easy to see, but there’s at least one more. 🙂

Oh, Moda… you vile temptress, you vixen, you siren!

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6 responses to First Stash Report

  1. Amy

    Welcome to the group! I have no clue how much total fabric I have. It would take me weeks to go through and actually figure it out. I’m not sure I’m brave enough for that. It definitely is an eye-opener keeping track through. Good luck!

  2. I love that fabric but I’m not buying any. One of the ladies in the stash busting group actually measured out all her fabric. That must have been quite the job. I couldn’t imagine doing that. And the cost of fabric is something else. I keep a little book where I record all my quilting purchases, whether it’s fabric, thread, books and notions or the cost of having them quilted. I tally it up at the year’s end and hope that it’s less then last year. Not usually but it’s fairly close. I probably could have bought a new car with all that but don’t tell my husband!

  3. Welcome to the group! I don’t have a huge stash, but I’m still trying to bust because I’ve been quilting long enough to have pieces I don’t like anymore. But I can’t even imagine measuring all my fabric. I might have a heart attack!

  4. Erin

    Thanks everyone! I can’t fathom measuring the existing fabric, either, and my stash is baby-sized. 🙂 That would be a time-killer for sure – time better spent actually, y’know, quilting! I’ve been enjoying your blogs thus far, keep up the good work…

  5. Liz

    You should realize that “stashbusting” is really more about getting things in control. There are some times when you need to build the stash – to get the basics so that when you get the urge to quilt, you don;t have to go to the store to get fabrics. It is like building a wardrobe – get the classics that will last over several years and then fill in each season….

    Welcome to the “group”.


  6. Fortunately you don’t need to know how much fabric you have to become aware of how much you are using and bring in. A friend asked me a few weeks ago and then I made the mistake of counting the fabric in a single container and multiplying it by the # of containers I have. It’s frightening if it’s anywhere close!

    Tracking the fabric has however resulted in me tracking all related expenses which is an eye opener.

    Just start where you are.

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