No Fair, Moda; No Fair.

Moda has absolutely spectacular fabrics. Some are breath-takingly gorgeous, which makes them tempting enough as it is. Unless they’re on sale, though, they also tend to be a bit on the pricey side, so I wait for sales/clearance.

As if they weren’t tempting enough, if they didn’t call to me with their siren songs seductively enough, they have to package their strips and charms and such into such things as: Jelly Rolls; Honey Buns; Layer Cakes; Turnovers and Dessert Rolls.

How could I not want something called a “Frosted Memories Layer Cake?”

I see what they’re doing here – they’re playing upon two of our wildest addictions (well, some of us, anyhow:) Fabric and Food. Sticky, gooey food! Dessert food!

You bastards.

Mike’s family and I went to see Alton Brown last night at Oakland University, and wow – he was brilliant and funny as always, and he renewed my sense of purpose in terms of becoming more self-sustaining, food-wise, eating better and so forth. And then, I see this stuff, and I think… “I would sell my left toes for one of these if I could actually eat it.”

And then I think, Texas Sheet Cake. Easy to make, cheap… I’d have enough money left over, surely, for a charm pack or two. Or three.

Fortunately, quasi-poverty keeps me in check (when not drug-addled) and I’m being a very, very good girl. I have groceries to buy tomorrow, after all. Nutritious, health-giving groceries. Groceries that do not take nearly as long to pre-wash, dry and appropriately cut up into small bits.

This morning is a gorgeous, sunny, HOLY CRAP OCTOBER morning. The sun rose over the mists as we drove into work, caressing the trees now tinted with red and gold, frost sparkling on the grass… perfection. It’s my Friday, too, so the next two days are full of possibilities. Possibilities I shall attempt to plot when my brain comes online in about an hour.

However, I’veĀ  made A Vow.

Over at Sister’s Choice, she’s shown a syndrome remarkably similar to one I’ve had most of my life – “I’m a Starter.” So, I have vowed to have a working quilt top by the end of my weekend, which is Saturday night. That’s somewhat of a daunting task, but I’ll make it a smallish one. The Cliche Country project has 30 blocks made. I could call it finished, figure out how to do sashing properly and go from there. Part of that problem, though, is that I have a metric octobazillion more 9-patch strips cut and assembled. I should probably use them.

I’m not promising the quilt itself will be done, and I can pretty much guarandamntee it won’t be – but the top – I will finish the top.

After all – the frost is on the pumpkin. It’s officially Fall. It’s a good time to really start making progress.


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