Oh. More?

Apparently, some of the fabrics I slept-shopped must have been backordered, because another box arrived today, from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

The Rest, I Guess

The Rest, I Guess

I don’t like red and black together much, so what I was thinking when I ordered the stripes is beyond me. The flowers are ok – I have the yellow print in green, already.

There were also four very nice Kona solids, a tea green, an ivory, a charcoal grey and a dark brown. Apparently, I was thinking “sashing” or “backing,” although I don’t think I ordered enough for any backs. Everything must have been on sale, because most of it was $4.50/yard.

Ambien, you clever vixen – stimulating the economy with your wiles…

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  1. Barbara

    Heads up – backs can be pieced, too, although usually with bigger pieces!

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