Ironing is the inspiration-killer.

Unpacking the Anna Maria Horner package had my brain singing with possibilities. I pre-washed and dried and… was left with this giant mess. Looking at this pile immediately sapped all the excitement of putting together brilliantly-colored blocks, perhaps with charcoal sashing:



Almost three hours later, after two squirt bottles of water for the pressing, a Grey’s Anatomy season premiere and half of Bill Maher, at 1:30am, I have this:



All done.

All done.

I got the jelly roll pressed, but didn’t clip the threads. That’s still ahead.

Work ahead

Work ahead

Feeling a sense of accomplishment, I turned my head and saw…. this:



I can only assume the women who turn out quilts practically daily do not have jobs.

Slightly Over One Hour Later:

I’m not sure pre-washing jelly rolls is such a good idea… some of the strips lost nearly 1/4″ to fraying. Also – pain in the ass. And messy.

Trimming Fallout

Trimming Fallout, Inc

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2 responses to Bah.

  1. Man, it must have been satisfying to see that pile, all neat and tidy and ironed. Just block the rest out and pretent it doesnt exist! Thats what I do, sometimes I pile all my messy crap into the built-in, close the door, and pretend all the pretty cut pieces ready to sew on my sewing table are all that exist! I dont pre-wash my fabrics. I used to, but after reading so many blogs where people didnt, I thought I would give it a go and have never had a problem! My quilts do shrink slightly and get crinkly in the first wash, but its the crinkly look that I love so much! Happy sewing, and from one newbie to another I think you are doing fantasticly! 🙂

  2. Erin

    Erin – I’m getting pretty good at “selective vision” in the sewing room. I’m not at all a neat freak, so that helps. 😉 I think I’ll try not pre-washing next round to see what it’s like, sewing together fresh, unwrinkled fabric I didn’t have to unwrinkle and unfray myself. I like that antiqued look, too! Your end products surely don’t look like you’re a newbie, wow – very nice! I’ll have to spend some more time looking through your site. Thanks for the thoughts!

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