Hexagon Hell

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I’ve seen dozens of posts extolling the virtues of these little hexagons:


Hexagons - I obviously didn't make these

They’re hand-sewn using hexagon templates. The templates can be any number of substances – construction paper, freezer paper, Teflon – and each has its virtues. Most are reusable, which is a fine and good thing. For my first foray into this arena, I picked up a package of Teflon templates; I figured they were heavy-duty and could be reused a bunch of times.

I didn’t really understand the procedure – needing to pin the templates to the fabric, ideally basting the fabric through the template… Teflon doesn’t easily avail itself to either of those things. I can get a pin through it, but not needles. This makes keeping the fabric tight against the template difficult, if I follow the directions, basting only as much as shown above. It rapidly turned into a train wreck:


Grrr - *these*, I made

I swore a lot, not being able to fathom how anyone found these “fun” or “relaxing” or “adorable.”

I muddled through, producing these:



We hand-sew the edges together, using tiny tiny stitches, gently attach them all together, eventually winding up with something resembling:

First Hexagon Flower

First Hexagon Flower - Note some visible stitches

They look pretty good, until the templates come out, and the basting along with them. I’m not quite sure what to do with them at that point – iron down the ratty edges, I guess, and then top-stitch? I haven’t gotten that far yet.

For my second attempt, I am just basting the living hell out of them – holding the edges and corners down by basting across to the other side a bunch of times, like so:

Take That!

Take That!

I haven’t gotten any further than this yet, but I suspect they’ll be a bit easier to manage without the edges getting all in the way. I’ve prepped a bunch more for basting, though, and at some point… I’ll get to it again.

Next Batch

Next Batch


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