I'm Missing Something…

I keep reading about how HOLY COW wonderful English paper piecing is, and I think I must be missing something. It seems tedious… really, really tedious… and it involves entirely hand-stitching. I figure I must not be sufficiently advanced to appreciate its elegance.

Regardless, here’s the best tutorial I’ve yet found:

English Paper Piecing Project Tutorial at craftylish.com

And here’s another (and incidentally, I am in love with the author of the following website:)

Posey Gets Cozy

She offers sage advice: “When you’ve just stitched the sleeve on backwards for the third time and you want to punch someone in the face, it is best to walk away from the sewing machine.” This and other advice can be found in this post: The Yellow Dress and a few other thoughts.

In other news, I finished a project the other night! It was a small one, but I started and finished it in about 3.5 hours and will write about it soon.

Posts at least a little bit like this one:


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