Squaring Things Away

I think I have enough blocks on the second project to start trying to put them together. First, however, I’ll need to get them all the same size, which isn’t something I’d thought about when I started. It makes sense, though – not every block is going to be the same size, and in order to have nice, neat rows and patterns, they’re gonna need to be.

I dread this process of squaring them up, because first, I have to measure them all to find the smallest one(s) and then cut the rest down to size. I’m unclear on the process of squaring itself, too, after having read this: Not really a “how to square up your blocks” tutorial. That will tell me if they’re “just big enough to fit.”

Onward we search, and without much success. Still, that freezer paper idea takes one part of the worry away from me – “how do I reliably find the center of the block using the cutting mat and ruler?” I’m happy I got the spinning cutting mat – this will make the squaring process easier, I reckon, and also more portable.

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