Not to be stereotypical….

I don’t mean to imply people who quilt also might enjoy other homemaking-related activities, but these cookies were a huge hit today at work:

Chocolate Thumprints - Yum!

Chocolate Thumprints - Yum!

Mine weren’t quite that perfectly round, or filled or drizzled, but they weren’t hugely difficult to make, though they were time-consuming. The only part I had trouble with was trying to melt the double-batch of chocolate in the microwave. Not a good idea. I ended up adding some heavy cream and sticking it in a double-boiler to get to the right consistency.

Here’s the site with the recipe:

Leitesculinaria is a collection of tested recipes from a variety of cookbooks, full of wonderful stuffs. I’ve also made the Quicky Sticky Biscuits for the LW team twice, and they went over very well each time.


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