"This isn't a quilting blog…"

One of my co-workers showed this site to his mom, an avid quilter. He must have said something about it being a quilting blog, because her response was, “This isn’t a quilting blog; it’s an ‘I don’t know how to quilt blog!'”

Ah, truer words have never been spoken…

Then, she even offered to sit me down and help me to learn some of the basics – neat! Apparently, PHawk has an awesome mom. 🙂

My childhood best friend, Lisa, uploaded some of her quilts – they’re beautiful! She participates in such things as … patch… swaps… or something, in which people send each other fabric or blocks or other things and the results are quite nice. It looks like she’s got hotlinking turned off for Flickr, though, so I can’t share the actually photos, just the link: Lisa’s Quilts.

Also, as promised – Why one should not drink and sew:

Intoxicated Block

You're Doing It Wrong

Gardener's Supply Company - Deal of the Week

Posts at least a little bit like this one:

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2 responses to "This isn't a quilting blog…"

  1. phawk's Mom

    Keep in mind this is FOLK ART! How straight do you think the blocks were by women traveling via covered wagon? I think it looks pretty good for a beginner. My first attempt was a checkerboard that ended up rectangular.

    • Erin

      True! Still, as an only child, I can’t help but beat myself up over imperfections. This one just took the cake, though – wrong color! I do plan to take your advice and start hand-piecing, though, especially since I’m bed-ridden tonight with a messed-up lower back. Hunching over a sewing machine sounds unfun.

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