A Note About Pre-Washing

So, I pre-washed my little bundle of fabrics, because pre-washing is a good idea. It gets rid of nasty manufacturing sprays, it shrinks the fabric (if it’s going to shrink) and softens it up for coziness. Here’s the thing, though:

If you prewash, perch (vulture-like) over your dryer and pluck those puppies out of there the instant the dryer dings.

Because, if you’re like me, and let them sit in there for a few hours, perhaps a day, possibly with other clothing-type items sitting on top of them, there will be wrinkles. OH YES, there will be Wrinkles. Wrinkles the likes of which mere consumer-grade irons will not be able to press out, even if you were jump up and down upon them.

Strike whilst the fabric is still warm from the dryer, before the wrinkles from hell set in.

Pressing and pressing and pressing

(These are not my man-hands)

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2 responses to A Note About Pre-Washing

  1. Lisa

    That is SO true! LOL I never wash my quilt fabs in the same load as clothes. And my GOD the threads after washing!! I stand there at the machines with scissors in hand… cutting off all the knotted threads before they go into the dryer. It helps a lot.

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